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Architectural Photography

  • exterior shots
  • interior shots
  • construction site coverage

Architectural photography has always been at the very core of my activity, and has heavily influenced my personal photographic projects.

My 12-year activity in the field of photography, Master’s degree in architecture and a 5-year experience with architectural and project management offices allowed me to gain insider knowledge at how architectural form and space are created. It helped me appreciate how they work and most importantly – how best to translate it into an image.



I believe that a high-quality photographic coverage should not be limited to perfectly exposed, high-resolution images. My goal is to provide a service tailored individually to each and every client, responding to your needs,vision and contribuing my creative approach and technical know-how to achieve the best results.

And if that means doing something unconventional, all the better.


I received my first professional assignment for a publication already as an architecture student more than 6 years ago. Always a photographer at heart, I have been making images continuously for more than 12 years now, including the time spent working as an architect and project manager.


I work with both latest high-end digital as well as more traditional large format technical film cameras, supplemented when necessary with portable studio lighting equipment, should the need arise to add an extra spark of light.

My in-depth knowledge of photography techniques, coupled with my personalized approach help me provide you with only the highest-quality results.


Photography is my true passion and it was impossible for me to limit myself to architectural photography. Although it has become my core activity over the years, I am just as passionate about product or studio photography, approaching each assignment with the same amount of creativity and striving for a fresh and creative outlook.

You can find some samples of my work from different fields below. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your specific project in detail.



  • conferences
  • other corporate events

Cultural Event Coverage

  • on-set photography
  • concert coverage


  • in-studio or on-site

Product Photography

  • in-studio or on-site


Studio Baxton, Brussels,
group exhibit, december 2016 – march 2017

exhibition of the orginial and unique print from the natural abstractions series

the photograph will return to the Baxton Gallery as of May 2017 ! Don’t hesitate to stop by!

Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels,
Art Truc Troc group exhibit 2014

Brussels; 2014; 3 large-scale prints from the series “Moving Landscapes”

See Me : The Story of The Creative
New York; 2013;

See Me group exhibit (3 images from the “Sketches of Spain” series)


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Architectures à vivre
special edition “Journées d’architecture à vivre”, 2011;

Photographs of houses C&S and Maison E. by OP Architecture, France

Eco Maison Bois
special edition n°3 “Ossature bois”, 2011 ;

Photographs of the house C&S by OP Architecture, France