This project was born out of curiosity and desire to experiment.

The usual way to make prints is by placing a photographic negative (made with a camera) inside a darkroom enlarger and projecting the enlarged image onto photographic paper.

In this project, neither the camera nor the negative were used.

It is a series of prints made directly from the depicted objects, which were placed in the enlarger and projected (highly magnified) onto large sheets of photographic paper. The resulting image is a highly magnified imprint (called a photogram) of the object itself (the resulting prints are about 1m x 1m in size).

The possibility to highly magnify each subject allows for it to be viewed at a very unusual scale thus giving a possibility to have a fresh look on common things.

A tiny flower petal, slightly transparent, gives the impression of being made out of sheets of silk. Grains of sand resemble stars. Microscopic structures of a feather become visible.

march 2017 update : a unique, large-scale print can be seen at the Studio Baxton in Brussels from May 2017; more details here

november 2016 update : an article about the “making of” part of this project can be read here

view full gallery here